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The Right Learning Company was founded by Huw Duggan, a former Head of teaching school and Strategic Advisor for the Central South Consortium in Wales. 

After years of working in a system driven by accountability and outcomes. A system that in fact prioritises the skills of the left side of the brain: logic and linear thinking; facts and the acquisition of knowledge; language and memory. Over the right side of the brain: creativity and design; empathy and emotions; imagination and big picture thinking. Huw felt a deep sense of frustration, not just within himself, but from the teachers and school leaders he worked with. 

By simply focusing on outcomes, we have created a system that teaches children how to pass exams, rather than how to be a successful learner. 


And so the Right Learning Company was born.  As an organisation we are passionate about developing the pedagogy of teachers through coaching and facilitation.  



No boring power points. . . . . No tick boxes . . . . No grave yard twilight sessions, as we believe learning should be engaging. The Right Learning Company’s mission is to get learning right through highly effective teaching. 

But that means teaching the right way?  


Many educational consultancies, play on the insecurities of schools and offer to sell them the next and greatest product that will raise standards. However our approach is very different. We research, digest, deconstruct and ensure our school improvement support is based around your school improvement needs. Nothing is off the shelf, and none of our school improvement support is pre-prescribed. We understand that no one school is the same, and no school context. In the same way that no child, or teacher is the same.  What we do understand how to develop school cultures that are based around learning, rather than teaching. 

Whilst every school consultancy is bespoke and different, our approach to highly effective school improvement is guided by these principles. We believe that  school improvement should be 'done with', rather than ' done to', and so we use coaching and facilitation techniques to develop staff and leadership. We always start with your  school improvement priorities and look at how we can design training and insets to have immediate and lasting change. As a company we have enjoyable and lasting relationships with our customers, ensuring meaningful and impactful change. As well as sustained school improvement. 

Like your school, we are a people consultancy company; hard-working and committed to developing your staff, your school culture and making a difference for your children. Nothing is for Estyn/Ofsted, there are no quick fixes, no artificial additives, no gimmicks. Just honest challenge and support aimed at making an difference for learners. After all that's why we all entered the profession; to make a difference to the lives of children.


Kind words 

‘I am really pleased with how the days turned out with regards to the engagement of staff and what I think they have gained from the days, in raged to self-reflection.

 I think I could go as far as today this may potentially have the greatest impact of everything we have done sinceI took over. It will definitely be something that we put into our MER cycle as a regular feature.’ – Pantyscallog Primary School



‘Huw role models coaching, and growth mind set in everything he does. I hope to emulate his style when I champion aspirations back in school, I would like a top up of this feeling/experience to keep me on track.’ – Pencoed Comprehensive School 



‘Huw has made me think about how I teach and the language I use with my pupils, Thank you’

– Llantwit Major Comprehensive school 


‘ Thank you for this opportunity, I’ve learned so much and really enjoyed it and look forward to implementing it back in school .- Romily Road Primary School


'Thank you for a very informative and engaging day. I have learnt many new skills and am looking forward to using them in class and sharing with my colleagues.’  - Ysgol Cwmderen


‘Fantastic Strategies, planning for progress and incorporating expressive arts into all areas of the Curriculum for Wales.’ – Trowbridge Primary School 






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